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From the land to the sea and on up to the skies above there is a little bit of everything there.



Version Tutorial Name Author Comments

Clouds and Skies

Mar 2009 9.0 Faking Volumetric Clouds by John Einselen  
Feb 2005 8.0 Storm FX by TutorFX This is a commercial product
Sept 2004   Continuum Skies   Free 360 degree sky maps
July 2004
7.5 SkyBaker Tutorial   by Michael Johnson  
DOWN 7.5 SkyTracer 2 For Dummies by Newtek  
  7.5 Sunset Scene by Simply LightWave Creating a Sunset scene
DOWN 7.5 A quick Sunrise with Skytracer by Christian Bloch  
  7.5 SkyTracer 2 tips by Andrew Morgan  
DOWN   Creating Environments using Sasquatch and Skytracer by Newtek  
    Sky Generator by Eki Halkka  
    Clouds by Graham Fiffe  
    Skywarp - You will not be assimilated by Kevin Phillips (solving those nasty SkyWarp corners!)

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Jan 2008 9.3 Creating Wakes by Cageman Videos from a thread on Newtek Forums - Link to the ftp site.
Nov 2006    blender fluids to LightWave workflow by smdnetau On Spinquad forums
Nov 2005
8.0 Underwater setup by Benjamin Chapé  
July 2005
8.0 Water Drop Tutorial by Gerardo Estrada English
July 2005
8.0 Water Drop Tutorial by Gerardo Estrada Spanish or Water Drop Tutorial DOWN
April 2005 8.0 Waves by Larry Shultz This is a commercial product
Feb 2005 8.0 Water FX by TutorFX This is a commercial product
May 2003 7.5 Surface Thickness tutorial by Glenn Tester How to make things appear to be underwater
  7.5 Ocean Tutorial by Peder Naaslund  
  7.5 How to create realistic looking Water by Stefan Brock  
  7.5 Water Tutorial by Stefan Brock  
  7.5 Stormy Ocean Scene by SimplyLightwave  
DOWN 7.5 Underwater setup by Benjamin Chape  
  5.6 As the River Flows by Morten Moen How to create a waterfall in 5.6
    Underwater Caustics by Christian Bode  
    Water by Graham Fiffe  
    An Ocean Water Tutorial by D.M.S.  

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Land and Grass
Aug 2008 9.0 Photoreal CD Landscapes by Simon Jones aka SI-productions on
Apr 2006 7.5 LightWave Landscapes by R Scott Cherba  
Feb 2006 8.5 Instant Home Gardening by Nikos Gatos  
Nov 2005 8.5 Creating a Mountain Landscape by Newtek  
Aug 2005
8.0 Creating Terrain Using the AirBrush by Newtek Video Tutorial
Aug 2005   Street Wise - Create a Winding Road by Tesselator by Tesselator Alternate address below
Aug 2005 8.0 StreetWise - An intermediate tut for the road By Tesselator  
April 2005
  Cartoon Palm Tree by 3d-wiz Look in the tutorials section
Dec 2004
8.0 Growing a Vine by Kurv Studios Registration Required (Free) Lots of other great tutorials!
Aug 2004
  Landscapes and Lightwave - An E-Book Tutorial by Joe Riddle Joe's awesome Landscape tutorial - make that book - has just grown a couple of chapters.
Aug 2004   SasLite Splotchy Grass by Mark Dunakin Look in the tutorial section
May 2004
7.5 UV mapping a curvy road [lw8] pdf by Stephen Gilbert From the newtek discussion forums
April 2004 7.5 Create a terran weight map and displacement
by RedEyes French
Dec 2003 7.5 Create your own Grassy Backyard by RaysOfLight Free registration may be required to access Renderosity.
Nov 2003 7.5 making a complex landscape by dbki Still in progress
DOWN 7.5 Landscapes and Lightwave by Joe Riddle Joes been working on this huge tutorial.  9 chapters and counting!
May 2003 7.5 TerraForming for Fun and Profit by Sean Hyde-Moyer  
May 2003  7.5 Instant home Gardening by Nikos Gatos  
Apr 2003 7.5 Quick Rocks  by TextureSpace  
Mar 2003 7.5 Création d'un Terrain 3d LPM by RedEyes Create a 3D Low polygon Terrain with displacement map ans Weight map
  7.5 Creating a Winter Landscape by Stefan Brock  
DOWN 7.5 Model a Landscape by Jason Pieper Direct Link
DOWN 7.5 Grass with Saslite  by Michael Minton Direct Link
DOWN 7.5 Creating an Old Sign Environment  by Chad Finnerty Direct Link
DOWN   Quick Terrain for Games by Michael Hulme  
    Martian Landscape by James Busby  
    Create an Outdoor Scene with grass, trees and water (and a row boat) by Eki Halkka  
    Forest Modeller Plugin Tutorial by Morten Moen  
    TextureScape by Marvin Landis  
    Terragen to LightWave by Fillingim Free registration may be required to access Renderosity.
    Clone a Patch of Grass by Jean-Marc Gauthier  
    Master SasLite by Troy Buschbom (Creating Grass using the SasLite Plugin)
    Lightwave Poly-Gras Tutorial by Christian Waadt German
    DEMScape Lightwave Plugin and Instructions by Marvin Landis  

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Foliage - Trees and stuff
    Faking Tree Shadows by Morten Edvars  
    The Forest Modeller Plugin Tutorial by Morten Moen  
    Sasquatch Trees by Steve Hoefer  
DOWN   TreeCage Manual by Denis Pontonnier  
DOWN   Easy Trees and Other Point Clones by Tom B Johannessen (look in the Tutorials section)
    Tree Grass and Leave Generator Plugin tutorials by Pawel Olas (commercial plugins)
    Create a Leaf by Jean-Marc Gauthier  
    Create a Tree by Jean-Marc Gauthier  
    Cheap Spiffy Trees by Graham Fiffe  
    LWTrees by Dave Jerrard (How to model and surface realistic looking trees)

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Jan 2004   Virtual Set Extension Tutorial by 2nd Nature  

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Feb 2007 Vue 6 xStream and LightWave Object integration by Patrik Westlin This is Direct Link to a video clip.
Feb 2007 Vue 6 LightWave to Vue6xStreme by Patrik Westlin This is Direct Link to a video clip.
Sep 2006 Vue Vue Infinite Interface and Workflow by Ethan Summers This is a Commercial product.
Sep 2006 Bryce bryce terrains by ???  
June 2006
Vue 5 Terrain Tute eSnips Folder by IvanB  
June 2006 Vue 5 Tire Creation in Vue 5 Esprit by Chipp Walters  
June 2006 Vue 5 Young Mountains in Vue 5 Esprit  by Phillipe Bouver  
Nov 2005 Vue Advanced Vue 5 Infinite Volume One by AsileFX Commercial Product
Nov 2005 Vue Advanced Vue 5 Infinite Volume Two by AsileFX Commercial Product
Nov 2005 Vue Getting Started with Vue 5 Infinite by AsileFX Commercial Product
Oct 2005 Vue Creating Roads in Vue by Soren Svendersen  
Oct 2005 Vue Lightwave 3D & Vue 5 Infinite - Integration by Commercial Product
Oct 2005 Vue 5 VueTut1 by David Markwick  
Sept 2005 Vue 5 Maps to Drive Materials and Ecosystems by Mark Dunakin Look in the Tutorials Section




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