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Version Resource Name Author Comments

User Groups

Nov 2007   New York City LightWave User Group    
May 2004   Newtek LightWave User Group Resource by Friends of Newtek A new LightWave site dedicated to compiling a whos who of LightWave User Groups in the world.  Nice!
July 2004   German LightWave User Group   German
    Lightwave Oz    
    Toronto LightWave User Group   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    L.A. Lightwave User-Group   Los Angeles, California, USA
    Chicago LightWave Users Group   Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Minnesota LightWave User Group   Minnesota, USA
    Dallas Fort Worth User Group   Dallas, Texas, USA
    Kiwavers - Lightwave User Group   New Zealand
    LightWave 3D Europe by Herbert Weigelt Europe

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May 2008   Dan Ablan Forums by Dan Ablan  
    Foundation 3D    
June 2005   LightWave 3D Forums Russian    
May 2005   SplineGod Support Forums by Larry Shultz If you are taking any of Larry's courses then here is the new location of the support forums.
Sept 2004
8.0 Inside LightWave 8 Forum hosted by If you are reading Dan Ablan's book Inside LightWave 8 here is a forum that allows you to communicate directly with Dan.
    German LightWave Forums    
May 2004   SpinQuad LightWave 3D Community  by More LightWave Forums Forums    
    MGFX Forums by Erik Brimstedt  
    Newtek Discussion Board by Newtek includes all of Newtek's products
DOWN   3D GARAGE LightWave Forum by Dan Ablan    
    Forum de dark - French LightWave Forum    
DOWN   LightWave Forum on Community Cow    
    Silkrooster's Forums    
DOWN   .L I G H T W A V EG R O U P.    

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Email Lists/Groups
       (the home of the LightWave email groups)
    yahoo grups argentina en español    
    lightwave - Google Groups    

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Other LightWave Sites
April 2005   Newtek TV by Newtek streaming online tv of all stuff Newtek. Cool! 
    Newtek   The makers and distributors of LightWave
    Luxology   The makers of Modo.
    Flay.Com   AWESOME SITE!!! (this is a must have LightWave bookmark)
May 2005
  LW PLugin Base by c.drewitz by A variety of free video tutorials but you will have to sign up to get a free membership first.  Then go to the tutorials section
    Leigh Van Der Byl   Texturing Artist
    3DWorld Magazine    
DOWN   TV3D by David Warner Check out the mailing list CD's !
    .L I G H T W A V EG R O U P.   Lots of stuff here.  Check out the forums too! - Tutorials   LightWave and Aura stuff.
    3D Total    
    CG Focus    
    Forward Motion    
    LightWave 3D Tutorials by Jean-Marc Gauthier  
    Electric Pixel    
    David Stuart's Links by David Stuart  
    Simply LightWave    
    Atlanteum by Brad Morris  
    Digitaltreats by Peter Profetto  
Non-English (Various Languages)
    Arabic LightWave Tutorials and Forum by Arabic
DOWN   Czech LightWave Users Homepage   Czech
DOWN   LW-FIN.ORG   Finnish
    Le Magazine Online de la 3d Francophone by French
    FrenchWave   French
    Forum de dark - French LightWave Forum   French   French.
    3DArtistVF french   French
DOWN   Alkos Techniques French by Benoît de Longlée French
    Game Lab   French
    LightWave World   German
    Deutsche Lightwave Tutorials   German LightWave Tutorial list
    Lightwave Portal für alle deutschen Lightwave User   German
Aug 2006 - LightWave 3D Italian Community   Italian
    D Storm   Japanese (The first place to go if you are Japanese)
    6.0 Tips Page by Kentsuku CG World DL Japanese
    LightStorm   Japanese
Sept 2005 8.0 Lightwave 3D [8] tutorials at DStorm by DStorm Japanese.  Lots of tutorials
DOWN   LightWave Korea   Korean   Magyar online LightWave Magazine by Tomasz Machnik Polish
Apr 2008 9.0 Variety of video Tutorials in Spanish by Pierre Bixquert Spanish
    LightWave in Turkish by AGF OnLine Turkish
    Newtek Europe    
    Malaysian LightWave   Malaysian
    EsMaya - 3d Community   Spanish forums
July 2005
  El Portal del 3D y la Animación   Spanish LightWave tutorials

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Other 3D Sites
Oct 2005   3DCreative Monthly Magazine for 3D Digital Artists   Downloadable Magazine
    Animation Magazine The Business, Technology & Art of Animation   The business, technology and art of animation.
    3D   (Industry news, not just LightWave)
    3D-LINKS.3DARK.COM Lightwave Resources   (seems to come and go)
    CGChannel   On-Line resources for CG professionals
    CG Works   General 3D site
    3D Animation Workshop --3d animation tutorials and resources   LightWave tutorials hereDown
    XSI Base   A site for SoftImage users
    The 3D Studio    
    Welcome to Not LightWave but interesting

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