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Version Tutorial Name Author Comments

Motion Designer and Dynamics

Feb 2006
9.0 Dynamics: Animation Path for Wind Effectors by Newtek Version 9 Demo Video
Sept 2005
8.3 FX Link by James Willmott  
June 2005 8.0 Dynamic FX Vol 1 by TutorFX This is a commercial product
Jan 2005   SpinQuad LW Dynamics Index by Various Authors A index of all Dynamics related tutorials on the SpinQuad Forums
Nov 2004
8.0 MD_Scan and MD_Plugin Action by Newtek  
Nov 2004 8.0 Motion Designer Part One: The Basics by Newtek  
Nov 2004 8.0 Motion Designer 2: Secrets Of The Wind by Newtek  
Aug 2004
  Motion Designer  Tutoriale by Silken French
DOWN 7.5 Motion Designer the Basics by Newtek Video Tutorial
  7.5 Motions Designer Secrets of the Wind by Newtek Video Tutorial
  7.5 Motion Designer Water and Taffy Presets by Howard Margolius For now this links directly to the zip file.
    Motion Designer Basics in 6.5 by Newtek  
    Motion Designer Tutorials by Stephen Paul (Hypervoxel Fire, Swinging Skirt, and more)
    Motion Designer 2 Documents by Stephen Paul (English versions of original docs)
DOWN   Motion Designers Collision Detection by Andy Capiau  
DOWN   Motion Designer and Hard Bodies by Alexander Karpenko  
DOWN   Motion Designer Hardbody by Alexander Karpenko  
DOWN   Motion Designer How to Make Realistic Clothes by Jesus Guilarrao  

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Hard FX, Soft FX, Cloth FX

April 2005   FX Break tutorials by  
Dec 2004 8.0 Dynamics: Cloth and Vehicle Simulations by Mike Pauza Commercial Videos by Kurv Studios
Dec 2004   Using Collision Objects in Dynamics by Newtek  
Nov 2004 8.0 Create a crowd of marching characters in minutes using FX Linker
by Newtek  
Sept 2004 8.0 LightWave 8.0 Dynamics by Mike Pauza and Kurv Studios commercial product
July 2004 8.0 Dynamics Discussions and Tutorials Variety of Authors A great list of all Dynamics (Hard FX, Soft FX, Cloth FX, etc) discussions over at SpinQuad
July 2004 8.0 Hard FX Particles by Howard Margolis Direct link to a swf file (No sound)
June 2004
8.0 LightWave [8] Hard FX_1 by Micah Hostetter  
May 2004 8.0 LightWave 8 Dynamic Samples by William Vaughan Some more Hard FX samples to help you on your way
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