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Model Characters of any shape and size.  When you are done Modelling and texturing your Character be sure to check out the Character Animation tutorials listed in the Animation section.



Version Tutorial Name Author Comments

Human / Human-Like Character Creation

Oct 2008 9.5 Making of "The Patient" - Face modeling and texturing by ten24 excellent
Feb 2007
  Modeling The Ear - Video Tutorials  by Charles Woods On the LightWave Group Forums
Aug 2006   Realistic Eye in Photoshop by Madeleine Wettstein Texture creation From the CGTalk forums
June 2006   ear modelling tutorial by dogbite by DogBite  
Dec 2005 8.5 Modeling a Head with Splines by Larry Shultz This is a commercial product
Dec 2005 8.0 Modelling a Face by Pierre Bixquert  
Sept 2005 8.3 Character Sweating Technique by Newtek Use this simple technique to create sweat pouring down a characters face.
Aug 2005   Head Modelling by Japanese - Follow along with the pictures
Aug 2005 8.3 A different method of modeling by Samuel Kvaalen On Forums
May 2005   Tate's Eye Modeling Tutorial by Mark Holmes On SpinQuad Forums
April 2005
  Making the head of Moria Orc by Leigh van der Byl  
April 2005
  Character Top Hat Modelling by 3d-wiz Look in the tutorials section
April 2005
  Nose Modelling by 3d-wiz Look in the tutorials section
April 2005
  Eye Socket Modelling by 3d-wiz Look in the tutorials section
Dec 2004 8.0 Starting a Head by Kurv Studios Registration Required (Free) Lots of other great tutorials!
Dec 2004 8.0 Starting a Nose by Kurv Studios Registration Required (Free) Lots of other great tutorials!
Dec 2004 8.0 NonLinear Morphs - The Eyelid by Kurv Studios Registration Required (Free) Lots of other great tutorials!
Nov 2004
8.0 Quick and simple mouth by Newtek  
DOWN   Head Modelling  by Dave Matherly You must have access to the yahoogroups files (free to join)
    Modellling a Human Head by ToonAFish  
May 2003   Modeling an orc by Omega Ond  
Apr 2003 7.5 Basic Head Modelling Free
DOWN 7.5 Like Clay by Guldoni Davide Direct Link
  7.5 Modeling a Head Video by Userdelta  
  7.5 Age With Dignity by David Maas A detail-up method to head modelling
Jan 2005   Subpatch Modeling by David Maas  
  7.5 SubPatch Model a Human Head by David Maas  
DOWN 7.5 Box Modeling a Head by Bytehawk  
    Head Modelling AVI by Remi Direct link to a 55Mg avi file
    Age With Dignity Model an Ear by Dave Maas  
DOWN   Head Modeling by Lukasz Pazera  
    Tutorial How to Cut a 3D Head in Escher's Style by Francesco Franceschi  
    NURBS Head Tutorial by Jeremy Birn (an object - each layer is the next step to modelling the head)
    Digital Human Face Creation by Aristo Menis  
    Create a Head from a 2D Picture by Jean-Marc Gauthier  
    TimeLapse Modelling of a Characters Head by Mike Brown (2.5 Mg MPG file)
    Face Model in Layers by Kenichi Watanabe  
DOWN   Modeling a head by Kray-Zee  
    3 Hour Head Modelling in Inspire by Peter Thomas  
    Facial Modeling -Spline Modeling Heads by Michael B. Comet (uses MAX but is still good)
Feet and Legs
April 2005
  Sock Modelling by 3d-wiz Look in the tutorials section
April 2005
  Arm and Leg Band Modelling by 3d-wiz Look in the tutorials section
Nov 2004 8.0 Quick Thumb by Newtek  
  7.5 Modeling a Hand by Newtek Mov, avi, or Flash files
    Metanurb a Hand by Graham Fiffe  
DOWN   Modelling FingerNails by Newtek  
    Model a Hand using Subpatches by Tony Gilchrist  
    Model a hand using Quadsew and Metanurbs by Graham McKenna  
Complete Bodies
July 12   CGArena Project Overview My Son Marcus by Benoit Patterlini  
Oct 2006
ZBrush Creating a High Res Mesh by Glen Southern by Glen Southern Using ZBrush and
Aug 2006 8.5 Getting Poser Figures into LightWave by Nick Stevens  
Mar 2006   Video modeling of Nierd with Hexagon - Subdivision Modeling by Thomas Not lightwave (uses hexagon) but still interesting
Dec 2004 8.0 Creating Armour by Kurv Studios Registration Required (Free) Lots of other great tutorials!
Nov 2004
8.0 Modelling Clothing Detail by Angel Nieves  
Nov 2004
8.0 Box-Modelling a Man by William Vaughan  
Nov 2004 8.0 Character Modeling Introduction by Colin Larkin  
Oct 2004
  Modelling Joan of Arc by Michel Roger 3DMax but might be of some interest
Oct 2004   Character Modelling Videos by Colin Larkin  
May 2004 7.5 Human Skin Texturing Video by LwWiz  
March 2004   LightWave 3D Character Modeling by Carnera 3D or go to the authors website (commercial product)
March 2004 Gaming How to model a Game Character by Martin van Dijken  
Aug 2003   the nameless - Female Form, Overview by  
  Gaming LowPoly Character Modelling by Ben Mathis  
Apr 2003   3-D Human Modelling and Animation  by Peter Ratner This is a book.
Mar 2003
7.5 Modeling a Low-Poly Character by Marvin Miller  
  General Online Anatomy for Artists     
  General Human Anatomy Pictures   A variety of online resources for anatomy
    Advanced 3D Object Creation Techniques for Real Time Environments by David Lightbown  
DOWN   Modeling a Shirt by Newtek  
  General Anatomy Resource References for 3D artists    
    Sweet Gum Lewis L6.0 Modelling by Slade Studios  
    The Poser To Lightwave Website by Trevor, Erich and Robert  
DOWN   3D Human Modeling Tutorials by Peter Ratner  
DOWN   TUTORIALS by Roger Michel (3D Max but might be useful)
    The Hobbit Guy Head Modeling Tutorial by Dave K (MAYA but may be useful)
    Sweater Modelling by Tom Woof  
DOWN   Subdivision Modelling of a Human by Peter Ratner  
    Introduction to Modeling 3D Characters by Tomwoof  
Sep 2008 9.5 FiberFX Strand Modeler Guide Editing Tips by Matt Gorner  
June 2006 9.0 APS and Displacements: Fur and Hair Creation and Animation  by Newtek Version 9 Demo Video
June 2005
Sasquatch Tuke Fur Styling Evolution. by Rowsby A quick quicktime on how to apply Sas fur to a moose.  Watch this one frame at a time.
Feb 2004   Sasquatch Long Hair Tutorial by David Markowitz  
Mar 2003 7.5 Creating Hairstyles in Fur Mode by Stuart Aitken This tutorial uses Sasquatch
  7.5 Sasquatch Fur Tutorial by Rowsby by Rowsby Check this out.  Rowsby is a Sasquatch master.
DOWN 7.5 Saslite Long Hair Guide Modeling by Mike Green - Team 17  
DOWN   The Man with Two Braids by Revanto  
DOWN   Creating Polygon Hair by Elmar Moelzer  
    Growing Hair by Tom Woof  
Anatomy and Organs
Jan 2006 8.0 Medical Modeling - The Human Heart by Asilefx This is a commercial product
March 2005   Blood Cells by Squid at 3D Palace A Space Craft Manifold in the tutorials section (registration is free)
March 2004   Modelling a Heart by Joe Lertola  
    Modeling a Brain by Joe Lertola  

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Toon / Anime Character Creation
Dec 2007
9.3 How to setup a cartoon oval eye for animation by Proton This is a direct link to a video tutorial on Newtek's FTP server.
Oct 2007   Modeling your Anime Robot in 3d by Gianluca Panebianco Italian Version also available
Oct 2006   Halloween Ghost Tutorial by Greg Sullivan on Spinquad forums
Oct 2005 8.5 Halloween Ghost Tutorial by Greg Sullivan Cool 3 part video tutorial! On SpinQuad Forums
April 2005
8.0 Robotic Plating and Cell Shade Tips by Eric Stone  
DOWN 7.5 Modelling an Alien (A beginners tutorial) by Zonda (Dave Williamson)  
    Creating Kara by Jen Hachigian (you need to own the LightWave Applied 6.5/7.0 book to access this)
    Son Gokuh Modelling Tutorial by Tom Woof  
    Growing Hair by Tom Woof  
    Sweater Modelling by Tom Woof  
DOWN   Cartoon Eyes by Chepe Nicoli  
    Modelling Yoda not Lightwave by Ken Brilliant (Not LightWave but still interesting)
    Modelling an alien head by Slade Studios  
DOWN   Cartoon Eye Setup by Jonny Gorden  
    Anime Modelling by TomWoof  

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Non - Human / Animal Character Creation
Sept 26   Spider Tutorial by Karl Stocker  
Feb 2006   Spider Guide by Karl Stocker  
Sept 2005   Brachiosaurus by Marcus Carra English and German - Model a Brachiosaurus (In the tutorial section)
Sept 2005   Stegosaurus by Marcus Carra German - Model a Stegosaurus
March 2005   Cartoon Elephant By David Mitchell Free video tutorial at (registration is free) 
March 2005 8.0 3D Dinosaur Puzzle by This is a commercial product
Feb 25   Create a Spider by Karl Stocker  
Nov 2004 8.0 Quick Spline Wing by Newtek  
Aug 2004   Brachiosaurus Modelling by Marcus Carra  
Dec 2003
  Klondike Bear by Rowsby Production tibbits on fur compositing, incidental rigs, etc
Nov 2003 7.5 Fishy Tute by Part 1 is free.  The rest you have to pay for.
DOWN 7.5 Creating a Photorealistic Chimp by Graham McKenna  
    Create a Deer by Chris MacDonald  
    Model and Animate a Dinosaur by Mathew Duafala  
    Model a Lizard by Cesare DeRossi  
    Photorealistic Fish by Andrew Weiler  
    Dinosaur Modelling by Russell Gooday  
DOWN   Rowsby's X-Ray Model Viewer by Rowsby (The Xray Viewer shows you the model beneath the render Very Cool!)
    Create a Bird by Jean-Marc Gauthier  
    Create a Dolphin by Jean-Marc Gauthier  
    Battle Droid by TinkerTanker (look in the tutorial section)
    Tentacles by Niklas Andersson  
    Model and Animate a Dinosaur by Mathew Duafala  
DOWN   Modeling a Brachiosaurus by Marcus Carra  

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