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These are some of the sites I go to when I need a lift, or just to see the power of some peoples imagination and how they've used their incredible talent to create fabulous 3D worlds (and some traditional art too). I try to stick to LightWave sites but imagination has no boundaries so you will find a mixture of stuff here. All very cool in my humble opinion.




Art Type Resource Name Author Comments


DOWN   Alienware CG Challenge by How the winners created their art
    RNA Studios   photorealistic architectural simulations and animation Not just Computer renders, models and 2D artwork as well. Some very nice stuff.
    Amaan Akram   nice stuff
    Craig Mullins   I wish I could draw and paint half as good as this. Previsualization heaven.
    Kursadka   (on the 3D Luvr site) I don't think I'd ever use the toilet in his place - This page is VERY graphic intensive - don't even think about it if you have a slow modem (unless you have lots of time)
    Project Wivern   LightWave Space stuff
    Jeremy A. Engleman   a nice "painterly" look and lots of free textures too!
    Eric Knight Holbrook   I've always liked Eric's art. His stuff always inspires me.
    Taron   Cool stuff. Damn he's good.
    ARMORED ROUDOU 3D GOUTA NANAMI. Gothic and Medieval fantasty come alive. I love the Architecture of it all.
    Gallery of Dmitry Savinoff   A tour through a very cool Medieval village.
    LightWave Projects List   A list of where you can see LightWave rendered animation in Film and TV
    Doug Chiang   Robota
    James Clyne - Concept Art   Concept art for a variety of Hollywood films

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