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If you want to try your hand at extending LightWave's functionality here are the places to learn how to write plugins and scripts to do just that.




LScript and Plugin Programming


Version Tutorial Name Author Comments

Programming Theory

Aug 2006 9.0 LW Color Node Plugin Demo by AuroraGraFX Studios learn the basics of creating a new node shader for the node editor. Uses C.
DOWN   Compiling Lightwave-Plugins with Dev-C++ 5(beta)    
Jan 2005   Plugin Project Creation by AuroraGraFX Studios  
    Compiling LightWave Plugins using Borland C++ Builder v 3.0 by Carl Looper by Carl Looper  
    Compiling LightWave Plugins using Dev-C++ by Carl Looper  
    Lightwave Plugin Tutorials - Lesson One by Catalyst Pictures Ltd.  
    Lightwave Plugin Tutorials by Nic Lever  
    the lightwave shades project by Marvin Landis  
DOWN   LightWave Developers Page by Newtek (Full SDK, Scene and Object file Format Information and more)

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Aug 2008   LScript Archive Help by ???  
Nov 2005 8.0 Lscripting for Lightwave Layout by Jeremy Hardin  
Nov 2004
8.0 LScript Part 1: Introduction To LScript Commander by Newtek  
Nov 2004 8.0 LScript Part 2: LScript Commander Tricks by Newtek  
Nov 2004 8.0 LScript Part 3: Overcoming Fear by Newtek  
Nov 2004 8.0 LScript Part 4: The Secret Tools by Newtek  
Nov 2004 8.0 LScript Part 5: Modifying Third Party Plug-ins by Newtek  
July 2004
7.5 LScripting in Lightwave 7.x   by Matt Raithel  
  7.5 The Spread- LScript Site by Faulkner Mano  
DOWN 7.5 Introduction to LScript Commander by Newtek Video Tutorial
  7.5 LScript Commander Tricks by Newtek Video Tutorial
  7.5 Overcoming Fear of Learning LScript by Newtek Video Tutorial
  7.5 LScript Secret Tools by Newtek Video Tutorial
  7.5 LScript Modifying Third Party Plugins by Newtek Video Tutorial
DOWN 7.5 Layout commands and UDF (User Defined Functions) by Emanuele Salvucci  
DOWN   LScript Documentation by Newtek (website)  
    Installing and using LScript scripts by Happy Digital  
DOWN   LScript UDFs by Sean Moyer A small collection of useful User Defined Functions for LScripters
DOWN   Programming for the Genius Impaired by Sean Moyer 2 Parts(Updated May 2004)
A series of hands-on exercises to introduce the reader to LScripting
    Adding LScripts by Andy Capiau  
  5.6 How to Assign an Lscript as a Hotkey by Sean Moyer  

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