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What to do after you've done the 3D work.



Version Tutorial Name Author Comments

Compositing - LightWave and External Programs

Nov 2007 9.3 Introduction to Compositing inside of LightWave Newtek This is a direct link to a video tutorial on Newtek's FTP server.
June 2005 8.0 Visual FX3D Set Extensions by Jarrod Davis  
June 2005 8.0 Visual FX3D Effects Compositing by Jarrod Davis  
May 11 DFX Fusion Resources    
Dec 2004 DFX+ Fusion-L Resource Centre   Digital Fusion Resources
Nov 2004 DFX Digital Fusion Tutorials by cmiVFX  
July 2004
7.5 Using After Effects DOF for LW Renders  by Rob Sapko  
Feb 2004   Digital Fusion Courseware 2 by eyeonline Free video downloads
Jan 2004
  Digital Fusion Instruction DVD's by CMI Studios Commercial Product
  Digital Fusion NewTek DFX+ Tutorials  by Newtek  
    After Effects Tutorials by Look under tutorials in the "Learn and Get Help" section
  7.5 Exporting LightWave Camera zoom to After Effects by Al Street  
Mar 2003   Using LightWave RLA Exports in After Effects 5.5 by Doug Groves  

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    Aura Tutorials by Visual Inspirations Inc.  
    Aura Tutorials by  
  7.5 Importing Tracked Motion from Aura  by Al Street  

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June 2006   Wi-Exporter Worms of Art A content management program for LightWave assets. Commercial Product
Apr 2006   Particle Illusion Tutorials by Wondertouch  
Oct 2005 8.0 Utiliser les exports RLA de LightWave dans After Effects Frédéric Druilhet French (Translation by
Feb 2005
8.0 Moving Camera Data into After Effects By Stephen Schleicher  

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