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Before you get into animation there are a few things you need to get started. Hopefully these links will help you out along the way.



Version Tutorial Name Author Comments

The Business of 3D

July 2005
  Animation Studio Links by  
Mar 2005   So You Want to have a career in computer animation by  
  General Tips on Creating a Demo Reel by Check the education 101 section.  Lots more there as well.
  General DemoReels.htm

by LightWave Lan

  General Industry and Jobs by 3dRender  

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Hardware / Operating Systems for 3D
July 2005   Monitor Calibration by  
    Trimming the Fat from Windows XP by Greg Hess  
    Chris's Lightwave Benchmarks by Chris Blanos (no Tutorials but useful info if your looking to get a "killer" system)
DOWN   Tweaking Windows NT   Get the most from NT (A general O/S guide)
    Q146005 - Optimizing Windows NT for Performance by Microsoft (basic hints on getting better performance from NT)
  General FAQ about Color and Gamma by Charles A. Poynton  
    The Monitor Calibration and Gamma adjustment page    
    3DSpotlight Windows XP Services Tweak Guide    

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Storyboarding and Pre-Visualization
Dec 2005   Composition Tutorial by Phil Straub An article about composition for any type of artist
Nov 2005   The Practice and Science of Drawing - Project Gutenberg by Harold Speed Free online book about drawing
Oct 2004   The Making of i.2k3 by Pascal Beeckmans  
  General The Making of Full Tilt by Aristomenis Tsirbas  
    A Professional Storyboard for 3D and 2D by Francesco Franceschi  
    Previsualization with the Poser Pro Pack and Light    

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