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Last update was on July 17, 2008

The LightWave Tutorial BLOGs and Reviews

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From time to time I will be reviewing various tutorials.  Mostly they will be commercially available tutorials although if I see a sizeable tutorial that looks to be of particular interest (or if you see one that you think I should pay particular attention too) then I will review it as well.

I will try to not to pull any punches and will try to give you an honest opinion.  The way I will approach most reviews will be to ask one main question - Does the tutorial teach what it promises?

Review 19 - Learning LightWave 9 by Elephorm
Review 18 - Advanced Particle Dynamics

(reviewed April 2008)

Review 17 - Medical Modeling: The Human Heart

(Reviewed November 2006)


Review 16 - Weathering and Chipping Paintwork

(Reviewed February 2006)


Review 15 - HV Pro Collection
                      by TutorFX

(Reviewed January 2006)

Review 14 - LightWave 3D 8 Lighting
                      by Nicholas Boughen

(Reviewed November 2005)

Review 13 - Storm FX by Tutor FX

(Reviewed October 2005)

Review 12 - Prop Sword Modeling by AsileFX

(Reviewed July 2005)

Review 11 - Castle construction by Asilefx (1 DVD)

(reviewed June 2005)

Review 10 - IK Boost by Larry Shultz (1 DVD)

(Reviewed April 2005)


Review 9 - Bone Tools by Larry Shultz (1 DVD)

(Reviewed April 2005)


Review 8 - Signature Courseware by 3D Garage's Dan Ablan
(2 DVD's)

(Reviewed February 2005)


Review 7 - Digital Car Studio by Gerald Abraham
LightWave 8 Vehicle Modelling series (2 DVD's)

(Reviewed January 2005)


Review 6 - The first issue of HDRI 3D Magazine

(Reviewed December 2004)


Review 5 - Inside LightWave  8  by Dan Ablan

(Reviewed November 2004)

Review 4 - LightWave 3D 8 Texturing by Leigh van der Byl

(Reviewed October 2004)

Review 3 - LightWave 8 KillerTips by Dan Ablan and Randy Sharp.

(Reviewed September 2004)

Review 2 - Character Animation in 3D by Steve Roberts

(Reviewed May 2004)

Review 1 - LightWave 101, an Interactive Training Course and Curriculum Guide by Epic Software.



I've been a little slow in updating this as I've had a lot of other things going on over the summer but rest assured that I will get into this again this winter.

This is my first attempt at a Blog so bear with me as I refine the website layout.  A blog is a log of a project detailed and updated on the web.

Larry Shultz has been kind enough to provide us with our first victim, uhhh... set of CD's.  In this series I will be going through the tutorials and providing you with a running commentary as I do them.  I will not only comment on the tutorial but I will also show you my steps so you will get an idea of what to expect from the tutorials.  Hopefully you will get an idea what the tutorials are like and whether or not they are worth plunking down your hard earned greenbacks!

Feedback is always welcome.  You can email me at lightwaveblog@shaw.ca

Click on the link to the Blog you wish to visit below.  (In future I hope to have several links for you)

BLOG 1Introduction to LightWave by Larry Shultz  (a 3 - CD set)
BLOG 2Character Modelling and Animation by Larry Shultz